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Дата обновления: 30.04.2021

Город: Москва

Категория: IT, телекоммуникации, связь, электроника

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Текст вакансии:

CN is launching building of it's own network in RU which will require not only fast development but also careful control in order to keep the right balance between time/cost/quality. Own network team shall not control its own costs/quality to avoid any conflict of interest, so this position will be responsible for building the local function and business processes for transparent CPO calculation. Also, it's important to have a function responsible for cross-functional logistics process scheduling (and finding the agreement between WH/FM/LM/LH/SC) in order to decrease the cost and improve the lead times. Responsibilities: - Local network finance controlling and planning (CPO improvement)- E2E lead times + OTD control and improvement for local network- Cross-functional SC cut-offs and LH schedule design for local network- Network volumes planning- Internal business-process design for local network development- Local network operations quality control (losses, damages, missorts, etc.) Requirements: - >5 years of logistics industry experience in RU- proven experience of logistics network design in Russia incl. cross-functional communication- good English including professional terminology- experience in building of federal logistics network from scratch is a plus- ability to build P&L and financial models for e2e logistics process (superprof./ in Excel incl. macros if needed)- deep understanding of how to find the right time/cost/quality balance- understanding of cost centers / function costs allocation approach KPIs: 3 months:- develop e2e cross-functional schedule for the local network (incl. cut-offs btw all logistics legs, the target time for sorting, etc. in accordance with CPO and lead time targets constraints)12 months:- develop and implement internal business processes for e2e local network CPO control with detailed cost centers / functions allocation.- develop a policy for quality performance control of regional CPs and LH

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